Electric Drill Nozzle Adapter
Electric Drill Nozzle Adapter
Electric Drill Nozzle Adapter
Electric Drill Nozzle Adapter

Electric Drill Nozzle Adapter

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Cut your screwing time in half! With this new fast and efficient screwing power!

Applying multiple screws in a row is definitely a tiresome task during DIY projects. Don't waste time using a screwdriver or any normal power drill!. This automatic drill pro uniquely eliminates all that boring, time-consuming twisting action and leaves no room for error like manual screwing does.

Easy to install and refill making it convenient and simple to use. Compatible with 99% of drills so there is no need to purchase specialist equipment or a new drill. Turn your drill into a chain screw gun in just a few simple steps, screws into wood, iron sheet, walls, and much more. 

Tool Set-This kit contains a chain nail machine adapter, a chain of 50 nails. 
Make your electric drill into an automatic chain nail machine. Reinstall screws nails into chain, the length and depth of the screw can be adjusted.

Material: stainless steel+plastic
Slot internal diameter: 3.8-4.5mm / 0.1-0.2in
Slot width: 1.3-2.5mm / 0.05-0.10mm
Adapter size: 240 * 150mm / 9.4 * 5.9in
Package size: 270 * 80 * 70mm / 10.6 * 3.1 * 2.8in

Package list:
1 * Chain Nail Machine Adapter
1 * Chain of 50 Nail 

20 piece Empty ChainThis is the accessory of chain nail machine, each belt can hold 54 nails, and it can be reused for 2-3 times.

Material: plastic
Number of holes: 54 holes/belt
Item size: 540 * 17mm / 21.3 * 0.7in
Package size: 550 * 50 * 20mm / 21.7 * 2.0 * 0.8in 

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